Friday, February 19, 2010

Ok, enough with Tiger Woods

I'm am thoroughly fed up with all the news and mostly the hype around the news about Tiger Woods. There is no question the guy has issues of monogamy and about his choice of women, but it's his and not anyone else's issue or problem. So let's let him be and get back to his life and career.

Remember if we want to shine a light and even condemn him for his infedities, then let's not forget other famous people with equally the same issue, or problem if you're against him on this (I'm not). Say President Kennedy? Or more so any number of politicians, celebrities and other athletes. Let's get real here ok?

Real is meaning it's an issue between him and his wife and family. It's their life, and marriage, and no one else has the right to judge or say anything critical. Lest ye expect the spotlight to shine on you and your private life. Care for that? No? well, then shut up about Tiger Woods.

And please to all the news shows, especially ESPN, it's not news until it's news. They spent countless hours talking, and all speculation, with numerous news and sports analysists and pundits, talking about what Tiger Woods might say and what effect or impact it will have on his life and career.

To that I turned off ESPN and say, "Who cares?" All those hours isn't news, but pure speculation and mostly bullshit disguised and opinion. It's not worth listening to. Let's wait until he actually speaks and then talk about what he said, not around it or about what it means, but simply what he actually says.

In other words, focus on the news and nothing more. Or if not, you've lost one viewer, at least until you stop talking about the news and actually report it. Gee, that would be refreshing for a change.

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