Saturday, February 27, 2010

It is time

It's time the Democrats jettison the Republicans in the healthcare debate and pass the legislation the people ask them to pass. It's not their healthcare reform, it's the American people's healthcare reform and it's America's healthcare reform. It's that simple. And the Republicans have been and are being not only a roadblock, but simple deadend.

As a political analysist noted, the Republicans kept moving the compromise to the right, on the public option, on abortion, and on almost any issue in the healthcare legislation, to the right where the whole bill was to the right of center without a real public option or guarranteed coverage for every American. It's time this stopped.

The Democrats should politically say, diplomatically as possible, "Fuck the Republicans!"

Reconcilation has been used 22 times on healthcare legislation, 16 of those times by Republicans no less. They're now bitching about what they've used in the past and telling the Democrats they don't care about their view or vote. They pushed through what they wanted. They told the Democrats, "Go fuck yourself!"

The Republicans have used or threatened to use filibuster more times, several times more in fact, during this current Congressional session than any of the past sessions in the last 50 years, and it's the Republicans who have also used it far more times than the Democrats. The Republicans are the party of "No!"

No to the Democrats. No to Americans. And no to America. They simply don't care about the American people, or at least anyone not making a few hundred thousand dollar annual salary. They only care for corporations and the rich. The rest aren't worth anything beyond lying to get their vote, something they done very well.

They've sold themselves to us as the party to protect individual rights. Except it's not the rights of the poor and middle class they're protecting. It's the rich to be rich and become richer, leaving us standing in the line of losing, losing jobs, our family's healthcare, our homes, our savings and retirements, and our lives. But the rich are fine, thanks to the Republicans.

It's time the Democrats decided to stand up and do what they wanted in the first place. Fuck any compromise, it's not possible and whatever you could get from the Republicans will only allow them to stall the process and sell their political rhetoric, which is all lies. You know it and we know it.

So get on with the show and help the American people. Get some political balls and a backbone and get the work done. For the American people. Whatever it takes, we want it done.

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