Monday, February 15, 2010

Floating into Oblivion

After rereading the last post, "Uncertain Future", I have to say, that's still the view from here. I still read the newspapers, both on-line and print, still listen to my local NPR station and occasionally watch a few TV news shows, like the Rachel Maddow show, the PBS News Hour, etc., but a lot of my energy, and really anger, is fading away.

You see anger rules my interest to post opinions on the news. I still add a few columns on my photography column (in list of blogs on the right of this Web page - see the JMO prefix for "Just My Opinion"). But the my current health problems and the drugs I'm taking are dampening a lot of my spirit to write about the news. It takes a lot of energy just to exist right now, let alone doing anything and especially being angry at the world.

I'm still mentally angry, but it's becoming more and more disappointment why people just don't understand what it's about. Like Congress and especially the Republicans for being assholes with the most filibusters during President Obama's short administration than since the 1950's. It's assinine for them to think we think they're doing the right thing.

But that's another issue, the divisiveness in the country today. Everyone, from the far left to especially the far conservative and religious right. Humanness, understanding, deceny, negotiation, compromise, and so on down the list of being human has disappeared from the political discussion and landscape. Everyone is yelling and no one is listening.

Adding another angry voice isn't helping and only making me feel worse. And I'm tired of that. I'm working to find a way to get and feel better, and get back to doing what I love. And being angry only takes away from the focus and work. It still won't stop me from voicing my view and opinion, only less often.

And so, I still don't know where this blog will go. I have six other blogs, a Website, my photography, my Mt. Rainier NP photography and history projects, and my life to work on. Here is just a distraction I need to wander away from and only come back occasionally, probably monthly.

Until then, I'm still here, but you can visit less often and more with my other blogs (see my profile). Take care and practice being human being. Please.

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