Saturday, June 9, 2012

Dear Speed TV

I hope you understand that watching qualifying for Formula One is far more interesting than NASCAR qualifying. I like both but watching Sprint Cup car drive around Pocono Raceway does not compare to watching a Formula One car drive around Montreal Ciruit Gilles Villenue.

The decision not to switch to the qualifying at Montreal for the last runners at Pocono is really dumb and stupid for the viewers like me who want to see the whole qualfying sessons at Montreal than Pocono. And the decision to tape delay qualifying for the missed time is even dumber and more stupid as you can track the qualifying in real-time on Formula One's Website from your computer, tablet or smart phone.

And by the time they showed queue three qualifying for the top ten spots, the Formula One Website had already posted the final starting positions for the grid for Sunday's race. Kinda' takes the surprise out of it, ya think? And do your fans a favor, put a sock in Sam Posey. No one likes his hype anymore.

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