Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Would the hosts of some of the news, opinion and anaysis shows on MSNBC, specifically Ed Schulz, Lawrence O'Donnell and Chris Matthews please stop interrupting your guests and let them speak. If they're off topic or talking too much, then fine, kindly interrupt them to bring them back to the conversation, but you frequently interrupt them for no reason.

And this is why I often turn the channel, or more so, just turn the TV off. I don't want to hear bickering on MSNBC's shows. I want good debate and discussion and occasionally good conversation, such as is found on Martin Bashir and Racheal Maddow show, often with guest host such as Ezra Klein and Michael Eric Dyson, and consistently found on the two weekend shows with Chris Hayes and Melissa Harris-Perry.

That's my bitch with ya'll tonight. After watching Michael Eric Dyson sub for Ed Schulz and Ezra Klein sub for Racheal Maddow, I turned off Lawrence O'Donnell when he did his usual loud interruption of his guests to make his point without listening to their point let alone let them finish. And for that I have stopped watching his show.

If you want to rant, save it for your time, not your guests. Otherwise, you've lost this viewer.

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