Friday, March 18, 2011

No New War

Mr. President,

No! No means no. No new war in Libya.The American people don't want it and can't afford it in lives, resources and money. Your statement today (3/18/11) sounds oh so close to what then president Bush said to Saddham Hussein. Too close to history and reality. You're taking us down a deep military rabbit hole we can't get out, in the near future or years. And even with France and Great Britain's help won't offset the problems.

I will hope for the best but this is not what the American people need or want. So, Mr. President, tread lightly because we have long memories and we remember 2003-04 and Bush's bullshit about Iraq. We won't be taken again. You've worn out a lot of your capital from 2008 and are losing support for 2012. Adding a war won't help and will hurt if we're still there next year.

We're not getting out of Iraq for years. We won't be winding down in Afghanistan until 2014-16. And we don't want to be in three wars during the next presidential term. You're turning Republican every day and this proves it even more. Democrats aren't against war, just bad or needless wars. There are other solutions in Libya than war, and you didn't take them.

We'll be with you for awhile, but while you gave Kaddafi notice, we're giving you notice. You made the decision for this country. We get to make the same decision in November 2012. If we're out of Libya by then, ok, we'll consider re-electing you, but you still haven't done enough on your promises. If not, well, maybe we just won't vote for you. Not for your opponent, just not for you.

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