Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dear Democrats

It appears you, the Democrats, we the people, elected to represent us and make sure our government actually works for us, have decided to become cowards and Republicans, and then sell our values to the Republicans out of fear of being chastised in public and blame for any failures to reach a compromise on the 2010 budget and possible government shutdown.

You have become worst than we could ever imagine. You started down that road over the healthcare reform act, jettisoning good democratic and public supported elements like the public option and women's healthcare, not wanting to provide regulation to curb the cost of healthcare and health insurance, and worse giving in to every Republican stupid demand.

Then you sold us out over the income tax extension for the wealthy. You sold us promises which were emptier than a deflated New Year's Eve party ballon on New Year's day. All for getting a treaty and other bills you could have gotten without selling us out for the rich and corporations.

And now the budget and possible government shutdown. I won't get into where's Obama with this. He's long out to lunch pandering and catering to Wall Street and energy corporations and international interests, albeit his decisions and actions with Libya are decent. But I will ask and argue why you have negotiated for the budget to the first offer the Republicans put on the table.

You left all your bargaining points on the floor, and now being where the Republicans started, they're pushing you more right, right into their agenda and budget, all of which hurts the American people. You sold us out for your political careers and fears of the 2012 election.

You know we won't vote for any republican in 2012 and will consider you the lesser of evils, but you have consistently shown you have no backbone and no balls to be there for the working, retired and needy people of this country. What are you afraid of? Go ahead make the Republicans shut down the government. Get some passion and a voice to speak out for us and against them.

You want to know why you're not liked by the American people and more so the voters? Try Harry Reid for starters. Talk all he wants, he doesn't inspire anyone to back the Demcrats or convince anyone they're on our side. He keeps compromising to the Republicans for fear of the filibuster. He changed the rules but nothing has changed. The rules still keeps the minority in power over the majority.

He screwed himself, the Democrats and the American people. For what? He almost makes the voters want to give the Senate to the Republicans, if only to get him out of power as majority leader and the Democrats will elect a new minority leader. And now he's giving away the store in the name of compromise, but it's not, it's the Republican agenda pure and simple.

So, my advice to the Democrats? Simple. Get some backbone and balls and stand up for America and the American people. Anything less is a sellout on both.

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