Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fuzzy lies

I was reading the news the State of Illinois won't charge (really lying) Senator Burris with perjury for his testimony in the investigation of his trade of work and money for the Senate seat. The prosecuter said the evidence was vague at best. Like that's stopped other prosecutions into politicians? Like politicians don't know how to lie with a straight face?

This is really a WTF moment. The Senator has never told the truth because he doesn't know it. It's the old adage about not knowing it even if it was a snake who bit him on the ass. And worse, he can't even keep a straight face while he's lying. Everyone knows he lies because it's the old adage about knowing it because he opens his mouth.

And they won't prosecute him for the obvious? And the taped conversations aren't evidence enough? Give the public a break. It's clear the prosecuter wants a slam-dunk case, and so he'd rather the truth be sacrificed for his career? Look at the evidence they convict Scooter Libby. That was less than the stuff they have for Burris, and they won that case.

We have a Senator who is so bad, his own party disowns him. They won't touch him because they know he's guilty. And they should know because senators are the worse liars in this country. We know that if you or I did what Burris did, we'd never see the light outside of jail and then prison for a long time, and we know that politicians are deemed untouchable unless you catch them with the verbal gun in their mouth.

Well, Burris did just that. He fired so many lying verbal shots, it's clear to even the dumbest person he's both an idiot and a liar. But not according to the prosecuter. To him Burris is just another politician, and that's not a crime in Illinois.

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