Saturday, June 20, 2009

Comcast Art

And I thought Comcast had no taste. This is what happens when the signal pixelates for hours on end. You get this collage of changing images. This happens on the channels I wrote about here about the signal and having to go through the normal cycle they require to get help to prove that what's happening isn't my fault or their cable receiver, but the signal, either the signal itself or the network bandwidth.

I don't know what it takes beside the comments by the Comcast representatives who offer help but still going through some hoops to arrange an appointment for service, and in the past, it's the same story. They prove it's not the cable receiver but something with Comcast. They promise to tell the engineers but they don't offer to confirm they did or keep me in touch about what happens.

Beside this great changing art, I got either a blank screen or the typical channel display, below.

These two screens alternated for just over three hours from about noon to just after 3:00 pm, and yes on all the channels in the previous post. And all the other channels were fine, except a little halting with some of the HD movie channels. So I'm still interested in an answer and a solution.

And remember it's not the box, that's another problem I'll write about again (HDMI to DVI signal still not always working and the digital audio signal (digital output) doesn't work). I can't prove the latter but I'll post photos of the former.

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