Saturday, April 11, 2009

Somethings never change

Like? President Obama is proposing more spending for the fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan he voted against as a Senator. President Obama is appealing the ruling allowing detainees access to the federal courts, something he said he would never do and would follow the Geneva Convention on the treatment of detainees, even those not captured in Iraq or Afghanistan. President Obama is making documents secret over the actions to investigate suspected terrorists when he denounced those actions by President Bush.

It seems President Obama is learning the realities of being President, and the realities of lying to the American people by promising to do and be better and then reniging on that promise. I'm not against changing views in the face of reality. I am against changing it out of political expedience and convenience as he's doing now. While I admire what he's doing in many areas, especially changing the direction of government from that of former President Bush, I don't admire him for not changing some things that needed then and still needs to be changed.

And that's exactly what he not doing, changing. He's proving something never change, like Presidents lying and President not doing what they promised. And President deciding to play politics with Americans than tell us the truth or do what we asked you do when we elected you. Keep going and you'll lose my respect too.

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