Saturday, November 15, 2008

Pro Life is Choice

I read EJ Dionne's OpEd piece today (11/15/08) in the Washington Post about supporting the pro-life folks Obama did in the campaign when Obama said, "There surely is some common ground,", toward the end of the third presidential debate. I agree, there is common ground here.

But that common ground isn't about walking across the line and unreservedly supporting the pro-life position. It is about supporting their position by talking with both sides and making the clear point, pro-life and pro-choice are two views of the same horizon. Both sides are looking in the same direction, they're only at it differently.

Pro-life folks want abortion banned, and if not that, serverly restricted. They want the choice to be one, theirs, and controllig the family planning and birth control rights and information of women to just that one choice. On the other hand pro-choice folks feel the horizon is wide with many paths, and it's about choice and freedom for all women.

And that's where I think the OpEd pieces misses the point. You don't jettison the pro-choice folks by embracing the pro-life folks. You talk with the pro-life folks to inform and educate that no one advocates abortion, and while it is one of the choices women have, it's about the freedom to choose including being pro-life. Pro-choice is pro-life if the woman decides that is what's right for her.

After all how many women give birth without the thought of abortion? And how many women, in comparison, give abortion a thought because of the circumstances or situation of their pregnancy? Huge difference. So, abortion isn't something most women think about, but should we deny women the choice if there are good reasons for an abortion?

In the end my view doesn't change, the argument isn't about abortion or about pro-life or choice, but about the freedom to have choices which fits their life. They can easily, as almost all women do, choose life. But a few need the choice of abortion, and it's about being pro-life for women and their rights.

So, in the end, both sides are standing under the same umbrella looking at the horizon. And pro-life is just one of the path in the pro-choice directions. They share the right to be pro-life. So, maybe it's time for the pro-life to see you're one of us, and you can promote your view with those who agree, just don't take away the freedom of women to see other choices.

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