Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It has been awhile

It's been awhile since I posted some observations and opinions about the news. I haven't been remiss at reading the newspapers and listening to the news, I've just been absent here, and I've been busy updating my Webiste and Mt. Rainier NP photo guide.

Ok, the news beside the Mariner's baseball season in the toliet? Need a player, call the Mariner's GM, every player except Ichiro and Felix Hernandez is available for a price. Well, I hope they don't trade Beltre or their young players, but the other ones aren't worth much anyway because they haven't performed well, not even the career average. Seems like some players come on big contracts to relax until retirement.

But I'm only a fan, what do I know. They really do play and work hard, they just haven't done well. Maybe they should like at the team that won 116 games in 2001? Hopefully they'll get things turned around before the end of the season to get close to .500. Ok, we can hope, but we're not holding our breath either.

Ok, the news.

Did you see the wealthy Clinton supporters weren't running to Obama's campaign with money and now the rich Obama supporters are withholding financial support to retire Clinton's $23 Million debt? Gotta' love those democrats. We had a good primary and now everyone's pissing about the money.

What happened to working for the people? Oh, I forgot, it's about control of the party and political agenda for the next 8 years. And we the people are fodder for their agenda. And so I say,

"Dear Democrats, what don't you understand about GFY?"

No, I'm not a Republican in disguise. They're only a shade worse anymore as corporations, lobbyists and big money are running this country. The Dems know that, which means they're just a little left of the Republicans but not enough to piss off their financial backers.

The Dems are caving on FISA, off-shore oil drilling, the war funding, and on and on. Name the issue and they're doing exactly what they said they wouldn't do, fold, bend and mutilate the truth as much as the Republicans. We don't have two parties anymore in Congress, we have the far right and the near right.

The left is now the center and the near to far left is hiding in the shadows afraid they'll be called unpatiotic. The Bushies won the war on language, selling fear and labelling anyone against them the enemy, which is more than half the country by the polls.

Did you see Obama says he's not moving to the center? Kinda' like, "I'm not moving, the floor is..." mentality. But then he's moved on every issue he criticized or voted against just last year and pissing a lot of the left democrats in the process. It's called winning an election folks, what's not to understand whatever he says isn't true, right, accurate or correct.

Did you hear Cheney and his office edited the Global Climate report? Ok, they didn't actually edit it but simply stood beside the editor and said, "No, not that.", "No, strike that.", "No, we don't infer anything.", and "What are you crazy?" They watered it so much water has more taste.

The Republicans are now saying a former CEO, eg. Carly Fiorina of HP, would be a good VP. Uh, like Cheney, former CEO of Haliburton? Can the country stand another CEO VP with a weak President who does the corporations' bidding for contracts, tax breaks (most don't pay taxes anyway), freedom from oversight and regulation, immunity from lawsuits (they call it tort reform), and so on?

Anyway, I've got more news clippings to go, but it's summer, the good weather finally arrived, as usual after July 4th for the next two months or so, and there's a lot of places to go, stuff to see and things to do. I'm off but will come back now and then through the summer. Otherwise I'll be working on the Website and photo guide.

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