Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday Thoughts

Ok, it's the end of the week, lots of newspapers read, newstories listened to and other stuff in and around the news. And what captured my attention, beside the cover of this week's New Yorker?

Let's stay there a bit. The editor of the New Yorker said those that criticized it failed to understand it. And even the USA Today criticized the critics. Well, I'm sorry, it was over the top in terms of satire, and only played into the 10-15% of Americans who actually think Obama was raised Muslim, went to a Muslim school and is a Muslim. What's not to understand? Obama is not Muslim and the cover isn't satire or even a caricature, it's insulting.

The New Yorker said they know their readers would understand, and even I get the satire, but the New Yorker isn't America and doesn't represent Americans, so what don't they understand the rest of country may not see it let alone understand it as satire? They totally missed the mark. But it's done. Now I want to see an equally satirized one about John and Cindy McCain., or doesn't the New Yorker have the balls to piss of Republicans?

Ok, enough on them for now anyway. I'm just lost my taste for the magazine now.

Something different? How about them Democrats?

They're supposed to actually be the party of the people. Not. They forgot about us when they passed the FISA bill the President wanted with some elements the President will simply ignore. You expect Bush and cohorts to actually inform Congress? Well, you bought the bridge with our money, our liberties, our rights and our freedoms and we're pissed at you!

And you're still cowards. You promised reforms on lobbyists and you reniged agains, loosening the rules on disclosure and benefits given Congressmen/women. Now instead of getting free rides on corporate jets, you have to pay charter rates, but with whose money? Except how will we know you paid but you still benefited from them and listened to them instead of those you really represent.

Oh, I forgot it's about the money and power, of which we don't count. So, what's the difference between the parties when it comes to lobbyists? Nothing. Both parties are corrupt.

I'm betting the Democrats cave on oil exploration too and open off-shore areas to leases. There are currently 68 million acres under lease to the Oil companies they still haven't explored let alone drill and extract, and now they want more longterm leases before Bush leaves office to control the energy market for this country for the next 20+ years?

They want the leases in their pocket. They don't plan to do anything with them, and even when they start, it will take at least 3-5 years before we see any oil in the gas stations. That doesn't help now or in the immediate future, and only puts the rights in the hands of the corporations with no way to withdraw them.

So I'm not holding my breath the Democrats will have the balls to fight the President and the Republicans, and they'll more than likely put some measures in there to appease us and say they did their best, but we know it won't be their best because we know the oil company lobbyists have both parties in the pockets.

Harsh? Maybe, but I haven't seen anything yet but talk the Democrats have any backbone protecting the coastline of America against corporate greed.

Ok, enough pummelling the Democrats. Not like they deserve it anymore. They're so close to being Republicans they wear the same coat. Except the Republicans have backbone and balls, usually for the wrong reasons, but the Democrats have neither because they're afraid of standing up for America and Americans in the name of the Republicans and the President using fear as a weapon.

I'm now ashamed to call myself a part-time Democrat - the rest is Libertarian and Individualist. It's not the Democratic party I supported going back 40 years now. Fighting for the ordinary person has simply become political campaign fodder for us but doesn't mean much when it counts.

The Democrats don't have to worry like ordinary Americans, so they don't really understand. They're rich enough to afford anything and we pay the rest. How can we expect they'll be there for us when they don't care except when it comes to votes and money from us?

Ok, enough for the week and on that note, a parting jesture? How about a cute kitten and the grace and beauty of dancers, one and another. Have a good weekend.

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