Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday Thoughts

That's about the way I'm thinking now after working on a Web page for 4+ days now. Everything I get something finished I see something to add or improve on it, and I create new problems. The problems are that I barely know javascript and Google Map coding, and have to resort to adapting scripts I find. I can follow the logic and follow - the way I think, which is learn by seeing and doing examples - but I having problems debugging where my script isn't working.

It's the old adage, a little knowledge is dangerous, but so far I got it working from scratch and knowing nothing. Oh yeah, it's at Mt. Rainier NP Waterfalls, which now has a drop down list. I've updated the information about each waterfall for access.

Ok, the news of the day.

So, did you hear the story of the driver of a charter bus of high school students who chose to follow his GPS device to the Seattle Park Arboretum, except he forgot you can't drive a 11+ foot high bus through a 9 foot bridge underpass? To quote, "The driver told police he did not see the flashing lights or yellow sign posting the bridge height."

The story is in the Seattle PI. Makes you wonder what the driver was thinking approaching a bridge with a big yellow sign and flashing lights?

Can't give up on Bush. It seems he's learned the art of political football, punting all his problems into, sometimes well into, the future, some beyond the next President. He's pushing all the environmental protection and climate change goals to 2012 and beyond. It seems he's starting his retirement early by simply ignoring anything that isn't on his agenda. And you thought he cared about us?

Did you know the Governmental Accounting Office (GAO) has reported the $6 Billion we've given Pakistan to fight terrorists, especially in the Tribal areas has yielded nothing. Well, except for a lot of soldiers pay and equipment purchases for the Pakistani Army and money to the individual for their "fair" share of being a leader. Short of that, nothing, according to the GAO.

Gee, the President got a lot of free press about it to show he's fighting terrorism and terrorists with an ally. Gee, I feel safer now that the President thinks Pakistan is our ally.

Ok, Bush again. He had the EPA rewrite the regulations on cooling water returned by power generation plants, to relax the standards by which industry has to get an exemption based on a cost-benefit analysis. Except the US Appeals Court overruled them to set aside the rules as invalid on their face. The Court told the EPA to restore the old rules. So the EPA is appealing the decsion to the Supreme Court along with the Industry, and the White House has said it will support industry's position.

Gee, I feel better knowing the President protects the environment. Don't you?

I kinda' been following the Wall Street Journal editorials since Rupert Murdoch bought the company and the paper. And ever so slowly I'm seeing the paper go farther and father to the right, even criticizing Bush for not doing enough about some issues, like Iran, Iraq, the Palestinians (to support Isreal), and on and on. So much for a good newspaper, or at least the editorial staff are nuts. The rest of the paper's staff are decent, so far as I've read.

I have more news stories cut out lying next to me, but my brain is done for the week to rant or vent about the world outside my window anymore. And paradise? We'll, we're getting a record, the latest date of snow in Seattle and the area. Yes, it's snowing all around the Puget Sound, even now outside my window!

Parting jesture? Interesting photo gallery.

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