Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Congressional Staffers

The Washington Post has an article today (4/9/08) about an Internet company LegiStorm, publishing financial informatiion on Congressional staffers, which has angered many of those staffer and want the company shutdown. But, as the article goes on to say, the very same information is available as part of the public record each staffer must file as part of the transparency of government.

And while I question putting all this iinformation on the Internet, I have to agree that if it's available to anyone at the office of records, I don't see the problem making it readily available to everyone, especially those outside Washington D.C. And while these people are public, they're also some of the most powerful people to Congressional Representives and Senators, and if they don't want to the spotlight on their personal life, don't work there.

Personally, I think this is cool. Maybe a bit too much information available, such as personal account information, but I don't have a problem knowing their salary, other income, jobs of relatives, etc. It only puts them in the spotlight we all should see. And if they whine, what's that about being in the kitchen (of politics)?

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