Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dear Republicans

To the Republicans, I've been listening to your rhetoric about healthcare reform and all I've heard is just more political bullshit from ya'll. You talk about the very aspects of the issue and the various plans without realizing how hypocritical it sounds. Or maybe you do and know but decided not to acknowledge and pretend we forgot. Really?

For one you criticize President Obama and the Democrats for fixing a problem with a "government" plan which isn't a government plan. You're simply lying to the American people. The government isn't taking over healthcare, it's simply making private healthcare plans manageable, affordable and effective. Something you have encouraged let alone address.

If healthcare was so good, which is the most expensive per capita cost in the world while delivering less than the best healthcare (in the lower half of the top ten), by corporation, for profit, why then are there so many problems and it cost so much? You haven't answered that question. It's broken, and you not only help break it, you profited by it being broken, with our own money through premiums and taxes.

That's because your private plan doesn't work, hasn't work and won't work, because it's focused on corporate profit and maximizing shareholder value and excutive pay. It's not focused on the patient, not on optimizing costs, and not being held accountable for being fiscally responsible and make it affordable. You and your corporate friends (and lobbyists) have driven the healthcare to where it is today.

You have no room for criticism of change or reform. You created this mess and anything is better than what's there now.

For another, you whine about the cost of the plan and the addition to the deficit. What the fuck are you saying? You have created more deficit spending under Reagan, Bush I and especially Bush II than the Democrats have ever created. The deficit has your name on it. It has your political blood and all the whitewash won't cover that up.

Remember under Bush you blew a budget surplus into record deficits, and that was before the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. And then those wars came along and you never questioned the huge deficits for what? Record annual deficits. And the money is gone. The wars aren't going as you sold it to the American people. But the deficit is still there, the very thing you whine about now.

You're being political assholes, and what's coming out isn't any better than what you said when you were in power, both in Congress and the White House. You told us deficits are ok. What? Ok? But now it's not? And that's not being hypocritical? You're complaining about deficits for healthcare when you didn't complain about the Bush bailout? One Trillion dollars gone, half unaccounted for and the other half going to what the law prohibited.

You didn't even flinch when you passed it. You didn't complain when the money was unaccounted and lost. You didn't complain with the financial bailout for the financial industry, whom are now recording profits at our expense (we bought they bad debt). You didn't complain about rest of the bailout. Well, most didn't. Some did but then changed their mind when the majority of you passed the bill.

But now you complain about healthcare reform, both the plan and the costs. This is for the American people. That's you reason? You don't want and don't think money should be spent on Americans and our healthcare? Oh, I forgot you have free healthcare at the best hospitals, so you don't know.

You haven't experienced what Americans face with their healthcare. Maybe you should live like the rest of us. Or maybe you don't want to because you know you'll be mad at Congres as we are. You already know the truth, you're lying to us and you're afraid we know it. So you keep talking, spouting more rhetoric which we both know is pure bullshit. Not just lies, but stuff we know is trash and best handled with shovels and put in dumpsters.

So, now you can either help reform what you broke or you can continue being stupid. Your choice. Be what you've been or be human and a real elected representative. Rememer who elected you? Not the corporations. Not your friends. But the American people. Oh, I forgot, that would make you a democat.

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