Sunday, August 3, 2008

Dear Democrats

How can I say this politely? How about, "Please, don't fuck or fuck with the American people." Too harsh? But honestly.

Don't sell public lands, our lands, to oil corporations in the name of reducing gas prices. It's a ruse and you know it, so don't think we won't see it for what you want or think we should, but for what it is, pure political bullshit. There is no credible evidence that leasing off-shore waters to oil exploration and drilling will reduce gas prices. The oil from any leases won't show up on the market for at least 3-5 years and won't effect prices by more than a percentage point or two, at most.

So, dear Democrats, stop the pandering to oil corporatios and lying to the American people. And don't cave into the Republican political rhetoric. Explain the truth to the American people to show they're pandering and lying. Get some backbone and do what's best for Americans and America.

Ranting? Not really.

The New York Times reports that the number of leases increased over three times for six years under the Bush administration than eight years of the Clintion administration, but the the production was 12% less from 111.5 million barrels per year to 97.9 million barrels under Bush. Only natural gas production increased 34%. So less oil on a 300% increase in leases.

Add the 68 million acres in leases where no exploration let alone production has been done and you begin to get the picture. The oil companies aren't producing more oil to reduce prices, so even more leases will help? What don't you get it's about acquiring leases than actually doing anything?

Oh, I do get it. It's about money, yours from the oil companies. It's the goal of the 2001 Cheney Energy Task Force, you remember secret one done with public money by our Vice President, to open all lands to oil and gas leases regardless if they're actually used. Just acquire the lease and sit on it until prices increase enough to produce lots of profits to give more money to Democrats. That's what you want, money.

And yes, I'm angry as a citizen and selling our public lands for nothing, especially off-shore waters and ANWR. That's our land and we don't want you to sell it for profit. And now Obama is backtracking like a coward afraid of losing votes than taking a stand for America and Americans.

Obama, get a gripe and a backbone. Or be a coward, like the rest of the Democrats and cowers under Republican fear mongering. And we know in 5 years a study will show the lease program didn't do what you promised about reducing gas prices. You know that now, so why lie to us?

But then I forgot you're Democrats. You lost my trust after 9/11 and you haven't done anything to get it back. And all I see is more of the same from ya'll, promises you won't keep but lie to us that you will.

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