Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wednesday Thoughts

As you can see in today's image from the Webcam at Paradise, it's more of the same today. While the east coast swelters in heat, we're barely getting 60 degrees with overcast skies. Not partly cloudy with chances of sun, but solid overcast, except the infrequent glimpses of sunshine through the clouds. Nary a shadow in sight.

And why the news three days in a row?

Well, I'm beginning to like USA Today. They've really hammered Bush over the last few years or so over Iraq, Katrina, and other failures of his administration, and Cheney over the total secrecy and absolute power of his office. Today they ran an AP article by Martin Crutsinger about Treasury Secretary Paulson.

It seems Mr. Paulson plans a policy and discussion soon of "robust engagement" with China over economic issues and their economic policies. Except we've been the biggest softies with China because they hold so much of our national debt and have a huge surplus with us in the trade balance. We keep whining about China's lack of interest to float their currency against the market by holding it artificially low to help the value against the US dollar.

But we've been whining for seven plus years now under cowboy Bush with nothing to show except more red ink and more Treasury notes held by China. While corporations are begging to get into the Chinese market for products and service besides getting cheap labor for the production costs for stuff sold in the US, the Bush administration has been playing a game of words with nothing to show for it except looking and feeling stupid.

And now we want to talk tough? Like they care? Or even will do anything?

Why is Bush pushing for an agreement with the Iraqi government over the US presence and support for the next decade? Gee, does it have to do with the UN mandate that ends December 31, 2008, after which we're expected to withdraw or get a new mandate, which isn't likely? As of January 1, 2009 we will officially be an occupying force in Iraq.

And Bush wants to tie the hands of the next President to work with the Iraqi government?

Bush contends nothing in the agreement is permanent, like the current 60 bases, 150,000 troops, and $10-12 Billion per month being spent? So, why not release the language in the agreement so we can see? Or at least submit it to the Senate which is required for treaties?

No? He calls it something other than a treaty requiring Senate review and confirmation. I wonder why?

Me thinks he's planning a midnight escape from Iraq, meaning dumping the whole mess with a new agreement on the next President so he can say he did his best. He actually thinks history will think he did the right thing and was a good war president. Ok, something about west Texas that gets into the minds of people? Or maybe all those drugs he took in college is having their effect with dellusions of grandeur?

Whew. He's a wonder in his own mind.

Well, that's the news from today's newspapers. I'll catch you later.

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