Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I've been busy

Ok, no new posts in a while. I've been busy working on my Photo Guide to Mt. Rainier NP, namely learning Google map applications. But I've still been paying attention to the news, both in print and on good radio stations, meaning NPR and similar ones. So, what have I gleaned of interest?

Well, it's not about George this time, for the most part at least.

First, why does John McCain oppose the new GI Bill being considered by Congress? He opposes it because it would "cost too much.", like $52 Billion ovr 10 years, and "It would hasten departures of soldiers from the miltary." Oh, I forgot, we're in a war and the Army has to use Stop-Loss acts to keep people from leaving either after their first tour or shortening their careers.

Gee, it's like Vietnam. We left when our time was up to get on with our lives. John should know that, but we forget he wants to continue the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq indefinetly, to fight Al Qaeda there until we win. Ok, it's the continuation of George's war. And to do that you need troops. Recruitments are down in spite of huge enlistment and re-enlistment bonsus, up to $40K.

It seems to me the war has run the people's patience and it's time to wind it up, and all the politics can't put a good face on a bad war. I won't disagree with the fact the war in Afghanistan is worthwhile, it's just not being managed very well. But then again, to the Taliban, who we supported against the then Soviets, we're simply the new Soviets. And they know they have time and the tentative protection of Pakistan's government.

But to oppose the GI Bill? How stupid for any candidate. Does he know how many veterans take offense at that view?

How about independence in film and television? Not. Cablevision, who own the Independent Film Channel (IFC), is buying the Sundance Channel. They're the only two independent film channels on TV. But have you noticed that IFC have been showing mainstream movies? But then the Sundance Channel was owned by NBC Universal movie and CBS Corporation beside Paul Newman.

What's the saying, "It's about the money."?

I'm kinda' brain fried right now for news. I have a stack of clippings of note but right now it's not all that important to me. It's still important, just not enough to think enough to write about it, especially in light of the disasters in Burma and China. By the time it's all said and done and everything is begining to be restored, over 100,000 will be dead, maybe 150-200,000, and millions homeless and without basic needs.

Did you give thanks for being where you are now?

Parting jesture? Neil Young, the great, always thinking, activist aging rocker, has a bug named for him? Jason E. Bond named the bug he discovered after his favorite rock musician. It's Myrmekiaphila neilyoungi if you're wondering. Normally those discovering a new species of animals get to name them after themselves. A professor I had did this researching soils. His worm is in the books. And now so is Neil Young's.

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