Saturday, February 2, 2008

Saturday Thoughts

Ok, it's been a few days. I've been busy in the studio and life's errands. But I did manage to get and read the newspapers and listen to the news on the radio. I just didn't get a chance to think through things enough to write them here. I like to think that much about what I write, I have to have a certain level of angst and anger at the world. And doing my photography loses those emotions and feelings, or at least sets them aside for awhile.

But life and the world will always, ever so incessantly, sneak into your existence, like it or not. It's the reality of being alive today. And yes, I also listened to the President's State of the Union address. And if that doesn't make you angry I don't know what will. Being his last it was a pure and simple rerun of highlights of the last 7 years of failure, summed up by the man who created it.

Gee, almost Fox style show, "Live from the House, George Bush!" Be there for the former popular President's review of his career, the disasterous wars, the selling of fear of pseudo-terrorist attacking American values and way of life, the selling of selling out the citizens to the military control of our government, the selling out of the middle class for the profit of the rich and corporations, all his friends. But hey, we'll make it all sound so rosy and cheerful, you'll want to sign up for more with the next President?

Maybe George could be a contestant on some "Lost in Iraq" show, to see if he can make it to Kuwait on his own without being kidnapped? I wonder what the rating would be for the series. Think maybe Jack Bauer could save him? I bet George thinks he exists to do that, save him and America from the insurgents, the evil-doers? Or maybe George could actually do what he pretends to think he's doing, fighting evildoers? How about making him a real soldier and sending him into Sadr City looking for them Al Qaeda terrorist, all by himself?

And give him a cellphone that only calls one person, Dick Cheney. Dick could inspire him with all that bullshit rhetoric he's been spouting for years. Dick would easily show him every non-Christian was an evil doer, after all they're living in the Middle East? Aren't all Iraqis insurgents?

Or maybe Rambo would team up if George to save America from the terrorists wanting to attack America? Or better, George gets captured and Jack Bauer and Rambo have to team up to find and save him before he converts to Islam? Enuf stupidity and silliness. Not!

Ok, I'm listening to the Live at the Met opera of Wagner's Die Walk├╝re. Way cool for writing. I've long forgotten my German so it's the music that's iinteresting. A different world to hear while thinking. Keeps those synapses dancin', except when you want to shout, "Ok, die..." so we can get on with it. Why do operas have to prolong the death scene to death? That's where the drama is, in dying, singing your end about your (character) life.

Anyway, onward.

Did you know in the 2008-09 fiscal budget we''ll spend $500 Billion on the Department of Defense and another $250 Billion on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? This includes all the capital expenses (new stuff) along with construction we destroyed in our invasion. That's one quarter of the entire buget and more than all the rest of the federal government programs and agencies combined, and more on the military than the next top ten nations' military budgets combined. Are we a military nation or a peace and freedom nation?

Makes you wonder we're spending nearly $1 Trillion for military and security, one third of the entire budget. Add another over one third to entitlement programs, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Unemployment, and interest on the debt. That leaves about 25% for everything else. That's everything else our federal government does for its citizens. It's never been so lopsided since WWII. Is this what you expect from your government?

Did you know George increased the size of government more than any previous president? He increased government spending more than any previous president? He increased the deficit more than any president? He inherited a surplus and spent it on tax cuts to the largest deficit in history? He increased military spending outside of the wars more than any previous president? He even increased entitlements more than any previous president?

Gee, I thought he was a republican? Isn't that what they espouse their political view? So what happened? Just a thought about your tax dollars. It's not about that 25% but that 33+% spent on the military and security. Is it what we really need?

I guess listening to ole George just kinda' blew the anger synapses out and I can't be mad at the rest of the world. And now I'm listening to a Prairie Home Companion radio show. So, it's hard to be mad at Garrison and the criew and guests with song, stories, and whatever else happens.

So, parting jesture. Don't forget Valentine's Day coming in about two weeks. Cherish those you love.

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