Thursday, January 10, 2008

Is Bush naive or what

I've been listening to George's speeches and press conferences on his first trip to the Middle East. And I'm really dumbfounded, really. His first statement, "I come with hope to foster a vision for peace." Ok, but does he really understand? I don't see it, and either he's blind to the truth and his staff, or his staff is blind and not giving him proper information.

Just listen to NPR's story. Does he really think after 6-plus years of neglect for the area and his staunch support for Isreal and Hamas that he can get peace in a region that hasn't really seen it for nearly 40 years. Is he trying to accomplish something in his tenure to show he's a peace advocate. Like the US' support of Isreal in the recent summer war in southern Lebanon, when we gave cluster bombs to the Isreal military to test them on the Lebanonese people?

What didn't he learn or wasn't informed about two previous presidents Carter and Clinton who had some success at brokering peace there? He thinks he can do better than they could after years of diplomacy by simply showing up with a hope and a prayer, called his plan? Did anyone on his staff or any of his advisors take him aside to say, "George, this isn't the time or place to get into work taking years to establish your credibility let alone anyone listening to you."

Or did he say, "Hell, no. I'm George Bush, and I can do anything. God is on my side. They'll listen to the President of the most powerful nation on earth." I wonder if he only went over there to prepare for a November peace meeting so when he leaves he can say, "Well, I tried to solve their problems, but they didn't want to listen to me.", and say he was a good president for being presidential? Does he forget the job isn't about appearances but substance?

It's funny that the press there isn't putting much coverage in their media, and what is published or aired is either pro-Bush by his supporters, such as the Isreali government owned media, or anti-Bush, by most of the rest of the media there.They seem to be diplomatically calling him both a lame duck and just this side of an idiot in his "vision."

What doesn't he understand that coming in at the last minute with his one-minute manager mentality won't work in a region that has fought for generations doesn't work? He expects the people there to suddenly wake up to their situation and declare him a political savoir? Like he's done in Iraq? Does he really think his presence actually carries any weight there, especially after Secretary of State Rice made the US look ugly over the years with her vists and statements? Remember she was uninvited by the Lebanonese government?

And he thinks embracing Fatah President, Mahmoud Abbas will ensure the Palestinians will follow his lead. And what about Hamas and the Gaza Strip? They're supposed to throw down their arms and agree to follow Abbas as their leader? And then he meets with the Isreali leaders who have advocated removing Palestinians from their former lands? And denouncing the violence on one side, the Palestinians but not the Isrealis, will mean what? To be dominated by Isreal who has vowed to reclaim the land the Palestinians have and now hold?

And to make matters worse he assigned a general to represent the US. What the fuck is he thinking? A general has the diplomatic skills to negotiate with the diversity of interests in the region to accomplish anything? Or is he so stupid he think a general will set them on the path by the force of his will? Like they will obey orders? And the general, representing the military, will be respected as a diplomat?

I'm sorry he's our President and seems to be so blind and naive to think anything is possible so late in his presidency. And I hate to watch the damage he'll do that the next President will have to undo and then set right.

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