Thursday, December 27, 2007


This is the first post and introduction to my WSR Photography news and opinion blog. I like to write short essays in two different veins, one, news about my photography Website, where you can get more information from my other Webblog, and two, about the news of the day.

You can get more information about me from the links on the first Web page to this blog or from my Web page. In addition, posts which have "WSR" in the beginning of the subject will be about my Website, and everything else will be about the news of the day as I see, hear or read about it. And remember first and foremost, it's just my opinion, and just like yours, an opinion.

To begin with I read a lot of newspapers, which I explain here about using a notepad and scissors. Everything I write about is from the major news sources, such as from the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and other newspapers, from NPR, PRI and other radio stations, from magazines, and from CNN and other television news stations.

Also, this blog is a transfer of my year's posting on MySpace page which is ok, but not really set up for routine columns and blogs on the world. It's not a complaint about MySpace, ok it is, but then it has its audience and advantages. Mostly I will use it to contact other friends who have their own pages there instead of writing posts. And besides I really got tired of the over-hyped login pages and ads for innane things.

So, I'm off, and you're always welcome to enter comments if you're a member of eBlogger.

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